Space Brace is everything you need in an ankle support. It gives you the freedom and confidence to push your limits further then ever before. Designed to fit comfortably on your foot and easily inside most shoes, hockey skates and snowboard/wake/moto/work/ski boots. Perfect for surfing and other barefoot sports too, the Space Brace is made for any sport, activity, and hobby.

When the impacts add up, the Space Brace will help you stay on your game. Our sleek design keeps it from looking/feeling bulky, yet still protects the ankle from bruising like a pad. It's almost impossible to roll your ankles while wearing a Space Brace. It's unique stabilizing "figure 8" straps provide superior defence against inversion injuries. Straps replicate a basketweave athletic taping application, without irritation from taping directly onto skin.



If you’re a bike rider, you’ve undoubtedly experienced multiple ankle sprains, or ankle inversion injuries. Wearing the Space Brace to recover after an injury or as a preventative measure will stabilize your ankle and help you avoid any future injuries so you can get back to 100, or stay at 100.

Comfortable, effective, durable, and fashionable. No ankle support compares to the Space Brace.



  • Protecting your ankles has never been easier
  • Wear the Space Brace ankle support anytime you are riding, doing sports or any physical activity.
  • Prevent bruised ankles, ligament damage, inversion sprains, rolled ankles.
  • Available in 3 unisex sizes
  • The tighter the guard the more support against rolled ankles.
  • Effective for use in any sport/activity
  • More effective than any pad or tape
  • Fits easily inside all footwear. From slip on's to high tops, to moto/snowboard boots. 


After years of injuring his ankles and never finding the perfect brace, Mike Gray set out to create one that suited all of his needs. Learn about the story, the production, and the benefits that are behind The Space Brace.

Credit: Vital BMX

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Ventilated tongue and insides for increased breathability

Adjustable "figure 8" straps can be retightened anytime without removing the shoe 

Sewn in arch adds comfortable firm fit

Cover strap/elastic cuff offers a clean, sleek look, hides lacing, and secures straps

Elastic cuff should be stretched to where Space Brace logo is facing forward




I have been riding BMX freestyle professionally for over 5 years. It is my passion, my job...It's basically my life. With all the time I have spent on my bike over the years, (and too many drops to flat), my ankles have been beat up and rolled over and over which has resulted in a lot of time spent off the bike dealing with injury.

My work on the Space Brace began when I rolled my ankle and spiral fractured my fibula. While immobilized on my couch in a cast, I realized that I was not wearing an ankle brace the day it happened. I found myself going to pharmacies to find ankle support. And the pharmacy braces were useless for riding. Over the years I’ve tried countless braces, tapes and pads and there really was nothing in the market that worked for me.

After many months of design and testing, we came up with the Space Brace.



I needed the brace to fit as comfortably as possible while wearing a shoe. And of course, I needed to keep my style. Our sleek design looks like a thick pair of socks. Staying fashionable while staying safe.

Thanks to the Space Brace, I am able to ride to my full potential even with my sprains thanks to the amount of support the figure 8 straps offer. In no time, they are back to 100% again.